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amy + kim


new continent, new look, new site!

this is the VERY LAST silverbox BLOGSPOT post.
but don't be sad.
because we're in poland now with our "win our hearts, win your wedding" winners and thought geez what better time to introduce a new silverbox look?
click right here and you'll be directed to our new Silver Lining home page and get a glimpse of what's up this weekend in warsaw (as well as how we've grown.)

we LOVE your comments, so head on over and leave some love.

PS our first images from poland were posted only to amy's facebook site. take a look and just in case you're not already, hey, wanna be my friend?

Vivat Na Zdrowie
~ amy (and kim, too!)


amy + ryan :: i'm yours!

amy + ryan . . . married underneath a houppa perched on the bluffs at Les Bourgeois Vineyards overlooking the Missouri River.

amy and ryan's wedding day was as heartfelt and moving as a day can possibly be. rich in spirit,
rich in laughter, rich in love, rich in jewish traditions . . . their houpa, first outside:

and then, when the rain teased us, we moved inside:

signing the ketubah before the ceremony:

jumping over the broom (great action shots by annika) at ceremony's end:

and at the start of the reception, sharing bread:

followed by toasts from loved ones, including a moving tribute to ryan from his brother:

amy and ryan both got ready at the Schoolhouse B&B in Rocheport . . . it's a private, lovely spot
both indoors and out. this first shot of guys getting ready is by karen:

and then we took advantage of the B&B's beautiful grounds for a private moment:

and time with friends:

amy and ryan's day was glorious! It was difficult to choose pictures for this blog entry; there
was so much more to their day than what a handful of photos could portray. So be sure to
watch their wedding slideshow to see it all unfold.



adam + caroline :: here comes the sun!

adam is a true entreprenuer with more ideas up his sleeve than your average guy . . . he's practically a
household name in columbia . . . chances are the kids in your life have seen his magic show or you've popped
into one of his latest ventures on Elm Street: the Upper Crust and Cold Stone Creamery.

adam's claim to fame in MY world, however, was that he is ashley patton's (formerly ashley guy's) brother . . .
i shot ashley and chase patton's wedding 2 year ago, and adam single-handedly decorated
Stephens College's Firestone Baars Chapel so that his sister and chase's ceremony was set against a
wonderland of white flowing fabric.

so I wondered: how was someone as bright, creative and just-so-darn-nice as adam ever going to meet his
match?! well, of course, he's succeeded at that too! caroline shines bright! they'll tie the knot in St. Louis next

but in the meantime . . . we went on an engagement shoot adventure:

the last part of our session took place during that sun-kissed "golden hour" just before sunset . . . brides and
grooms TAKE NOTE!: if you want the best possible wedding day pictures, plan your day so that we can make
pictures of the two of you just before sunset . . . it's a dreamy time and a dreamy look:

and a bit of sun flair fun:

adam and caroline, congrats on your engagement and thanks for choosing silverbox! oh, and I almost forgot:
see the slideshow for more golden hour engagement prictures!



elizabeth + wes :: engaged!

the conversation started the way it starts with so many SilverBox couples:

Q: is there a place you might like to go that's meaningful to you two? --
. . . a place where when you look back at these pictures, you'll have a story to tell your kids??

A: well for our first date, Wes took me to an outdoor play at Maplewood Barn Theatre.


seemed even more perfect when they told me THIS:
the night wes proposed, he decided to "re-create" their first date;
BUT it was winter and there's not a whole lot of outdoor theatre in the colder months --
so what's a guy to do?
try this: how about set up an outdoor projector and screen on the lawn!

he had me at "outdoor projector" -- wow!
and that night on the big screen before an audience of 2: Singing in the Rain

[and you'll be "happy again!" when you take a look at this slideshow btw!]

and another wow . . .

. . . oh did it ever look like rain the afternoon that elizabeth and wes were driving into town for this shoot;
but nope, not until we had just finished our last bite of ice-cream and were walking out of Sparky's did the first drop fall.

but most perfect and wow-filled of all?
the joy and giddiness in their faces when wes rolls his eyes to the sky with a laugh and elizabeth wrinkles up her nose.
some couples just seem to fit together in the way they reach out for each other, cuddle close and snuggle in.
and yep, elizabeth and wes are most certainly this "made for each other and fit so perfectly" kind.

just call it " a glorious feelin' (as you walk down the lane!) "
~ take a peek at this slideshow and enjoooooooy the long weekend!
helllo summertime!!!

hugs, all!


laugh and play with jeremy + tonya :: engaged!

oh my goodness it's hard to keep a straight face with jeremy + tonya around . . .
loving, touching, squeezing + laughter everywhere you look! 

colorful through and through!

and that tonya may soon have a second career as a meteorologist.
tonya + jeremy drove into columbia for this shoot and it had rained all week long, 
but with an eye on the sky, tonya kept me posted all day and true to her prediction, the world was no less than luscious!
[but JUST IN CASE we'd ended up with drizzles, i'd formulated a plan for under-cover sure-shot color.
and these 2 were totally game:

inspired by jeremy's racing hobby (and success!) they did THIS all on their own.
jeremy redefines spontaneity!!
[my goal here was simply to keep up]

kim and i look so forward to documenting their upcoming powell gardens wedding and bet our bottom dollar that it will be full of color, laughs, love and surprise!

what a hoot!


drew + sarah :: engaged!

drew + sarah . . . about to embark on marriage, an out-of-state move, an advanced degree for
sarah and . . . a photography career for drew! i'm so happy and excited for you two!

(if there's anything that could possibly make me even more excited to photograph a wedding . . .
it would be photographing a photographer's wedding!) check back in late june to see drew +
sarah say their "i do's".

but before that, check out a few of my favorites from their engagement session
be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom 'cause we experimented with some "one-light" (off
camera strobe) pictures at dusk that were worth hauling tripod + umbrella across the creek for
. . . there's a slideshow too ~ click here!